Steiner recruitment process

1. Lay the foundation stone

You have seen a job opening that reflects your qualifications, your experience and that can match your ambition for your next professional challenge? Apply on our career page with an updated CV, a cover letter and upload your work certificates as well as the copies of your diplomas!

2. Allow to settle:

Our HR department will proceed to a first pre-screening within the following 2-3 weeks of the job opening, followed by the Hiring Manager who will operate the technical review of your CV.

3. Roll up your sleeves

If your profile is pre-selected, our HR department will contact you to organize a phone interview to initiate contact, check basic information and potential fit with the position as well as with our company’s culture.

4. Design & Build your future

Once the phone interview successfully passed, you will be invited to a first face-to-face interview where you will be meeting the HR Manager and the Hiring Manager to deepen the analysis of your profile in regards to the job opening.

5. Strengthen It:

Your performance will be objectively compared to the others candidates in the course and you may be invited to a second interview to meet other people from the business and the team.

6. Check Quality

Have you been successful in the several rounds of interviews? We will still process to some background checks of your past professional experience and take some references to complete your file.

7. Be proud and ready for your next challenge

Congratulations and thank you to choose Steiner as your next employer. You will get an offer proposal from our HR department and once accepted, you will quickly be onboarded to integrate our company, to embrace our mission and to continue managing successfully your career path.


  1. At any time of the recruitment process, you can log on our recruitment platform to be informed of your application status. HR will also keep in touch with all candidates at any steps of the process.
  2. Be prepared: your file should be updated and complete, you should know about the position you are applying and about our company’s culture to link your aspirations to what we can offer you.
  3. You do not find any job openings matching your expectations currently? You can still apply spontaneously to join our Talent Pool. We will still review your application and contact you if there is any career opportunity in the future. Do not forget to keep your profile up-to-date to enable HR to match your profile efficiently with the right opportunity.